Private Label Buyer

Thank you for your interest in Private Label Buyer magazine and! After several years as a key source of business information for the private label retailing industry, Private Label Buyer’s parent corporation BNP Media has made the difficult decision to discontinue the brand. We thank all of our loyal readers over the years.

Please visit our other food and beverage publications.

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Beverage Industry reports on a wide

range of marketing & manufacturing

subjects with emphasis on

new products, research & more!

Beverage Industry Homepage

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Candy Industry covers the global

confectionery industry, providing

readers with in-depth news analysis

& comprehensive business profiles.

Candy Industry Homepage

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Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods analyzes and reports on

technologies, trends and issues.

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Food Engineering is the industry’s

oldest & most preferred publication

serving the $630 billion food

& beverage manufacturing market.

Food Engineering Homepage

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La revista líder para los

procesadores de alimentos y

bebidas de América Latina.

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National Provisioner serves meat

processing professionals who want

to stay updated on the latest

processing & packaging information

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The mission of Prepared Foods

is to provide market trends,

new product opportunities,

ingredient formulation and

product development solutions.

Prepared Foods Homepage

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RFF is dedicated to one

of the fastest growing segments

of the food and beverage

manufacturing market-the

value-added convenience

chilled and frozen foods channel.

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SFWB offers comprehensive,

must-read coverage of

emerging baking industry and

snack food industry trends and

developments in ingredients & more!

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