Food Engineering

California lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks

The labels would say drinks with added sugar are linked to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

February 14, 2014


California state Senator Bill Monning introduced legislation Thursday that would require soda and other sugary beverages to carry a health warning label linking the products to diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. The first-in-the-nation labels would be on the front of products with added sugar and 75 or more calories per 12 ounces. Self-serve soda fountains would carry the label on the front of the fountain.

"We agree that obesity is a serious and complex issue," says CalBev, the state arm of the American Beverage Association says in a statement. "However, it is misleading to suggest that soft drink consumption is uniquely responsible for weight gain. In fact, only four percent of calories in the average American diet are derived directly from soda."