Food Engineering

Freezer enclosures

September 29, 2004
FMC FoodTech's new enclosure options for the GYRoCOMPACT M-series freezer offer three levels of hygiene control, allowing customers to match the spiral freezer enclosure with processing and hygiene needs. Level one, for processors producing packaged, boxed or bakery products, includes insulated panels with skins of plastic-coated, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Level two, designed for processors who use aggressive detergents and high-pressure hoses in enclosure areas below the mezzanine, incorporates inside and outside seal-welded stainless steel paneling up to the height of the doorframes. Level three, for processors of protein products employing comprehensive cleaning and disinfection with aggressive detergents and high-pressure handheld guns, offers inside and outside seal-welded stainless steel paneling from floor to ceiling.

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