Food Engineering

More strength, less resin

February 1, 2009
Less can be more in container performance when basic architectural principles are brought to bear. At least, that’s what Ropak Packaging Corp. contends.

The cross-hatched lattice design is visible on the lower portion of a container fabricated using Ropak’s new Diamond Technology structural design. Source: Ropak Packaging Corp.

The Fountain Valley, CA supplier began extruding square and rectangular plastic containers last year that maintain their structural integrity despite thinner container walls. Ropak calls the patent-pending design Diamond Technology, and food packagers got a close-up look in November at PACK EXPO in Chicago.

Pansy Leo, manager-new products and marketing, showed off a two-gallon container holding three kilos of pet treats in a structure using 25% less polypropylene resin, “and the container still performs with the same functionality,” Leo told booth visitors. Also showcased was a candy-filled container sold in the Halloween run-up at Costco. The bucket generated 20% higher sales than the bag it replaced, she said.

Less resin translates into a lower cost for containers, and the packaging supports a claim of lower greenhouse gas emissions and generates better Wal-Mart scorecard results, Ropak claims.

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