Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research


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Recently there has been a growing awareness of the need to conduct sound and inclusive interdisciplinary research in key academic and applied areas. Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research answers the increasing calls to better understand and analyze the impact of food safety efforts. By collecting a wide range of multidisciplinary examples, the text identifies important areas of research while providing a resource for future group-building activities.

Topics covered include:

Food research safety teams

E. coli contamination in a beef slaughterhouse

Costs of pathogen reduction strategies for Australian beef slaughter plants

Food safety and quality assurance in the food chain

Phytosanitary barriers to trade

Food safety issues in developing nations

Product liability and food safety

Consumer acceptance of irradiated meats

Food safety control for retail butchers

Bases of food safety concerns

Future needs

This book encourages comprehensive research by recognizing significant early efforts and considers a range of food safety problems, research techniques, and solutions. The use of global examples and interdisciplinary team-based reports, along with information from the fields of academia, government, and industry, makes Interdisciplinary Food Safety Research an important resource for enhancing the safety of our food supply.

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