MadTree Brewing was built on a love for beer, a desire to create connections with its community, and spreadsheets. Lots and lots of spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets for each batch, which meant that if an employee wanted to look at variations over time, they had to sort through them individually. Data was collected manually, which introduced opportunities for human error in either the collection or the compilation process. And if the company needed information from the past, it took time and manpower to dig through and make sense of the data and draw accurate conclusions from it.

Quality Manager Trent Leslie built a workaround that organized the spreadsheets, but making sense of the data was still a time- and labor-intensive process. A better solution was needed, and MadTree found it through Inductive Automation’s Ignition automation platform. Instead of spreadsheets for anything and everything, users enter data and it’s stored in a relational database.

“You don't have to compile it all together,” says Leslie. “It's stored already compiled. And so that is way easier on the reporting end of things.”

That’s just one of the benefits MadTree has found, and for a small brewery and taphouse, being able to devote less time and fewer employees to data management and reporting is a big deal. But MadTree hasn’t stopped there, and combining its employees’ skills and knowledge with the Ignition platform has it thinking big-picture.