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Sarah Johnston
Powerfolio Client Portfolio Manager
Calpine Energy Solutions

Ms. Johnston began her career with Calpine in 2009 as a data analyst. She assumed her current role in 2011 and shifted her focus to reporting and analysis for managed product customers in the PowerFolio3D program. As Powerfolio Client Portfolio Manager, Ms. Johnston manages a roster of Calpine Energy Solutions’ PowerFolio3D customers. She is responsible for analyzing data on macroeconomic trends, energy markets and ensuring that Calpine’s PowerFolio3D client’s electricity portfolios are balanced and managed. She confers with customers in working with the advanced risk analytics in PowerFolio3D, reviews results reports, and provides guidance in creating and executing strategies for Calpine Energy Solutions’ customers. Ms. Johnston is a frequent speaker and presenter on the topic of commodity risk management.

Sarah holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Elmhurst College, and a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Sustainability and Innovation from Harvard University.

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