Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium and Expo

Andy Daly
Client Delivery Partner

Andy has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry across operations, supply chain, management systems, and product development. He started his career on the shop floor with General Motors, which shaped his views on how important it is to be amid the operation if you wish to realize value and deliver results. Since then, Andy has worked for and collaborated with industry leaders in Automotive, Food, CPG, Energy, and Chemicals on ways to innovate and improve their businesses.
Curious by nature, he has been willing to take on unique challenges throughout his career and moving to Microsoft in 2014 allowed him to greatly expand his knowledge base on the intersection of technology and manufacturing. In his current role as a Client Delivery Partner with Microsoft, Andy is focused on helping clients across industries adopt and adapt technology to meet their business needs and deliver value using technology.
Andy has an undergraduate degree in Supply Chain Management, from Western Michigan University, and a master’s degree in manufacturing operations from Kettering University. Andy lives in the Metro Detroit area with his wife Jennifer, and their two children Shane and Vivian. He finds balance in life through supporting the LACASA organization near his hometown, getting outside with his family, and traveling.