Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium and Expo

Vicente Zuffo
General Manager, Italian Meats
Principe Foods

Vicente Zuffo has been with JBS USA for 16 years, serving in a variety of business, supply chain, sales, procurement, business development and Italian meat roles since joining JBS in 2007. Zuffo, a native of the South Of Brazil area, received his Bachelor’s degree in Finances from the University of UNOESC at Santa Catarina in 1988, and his MBA from University of Sao Paulo in 2002. He began his Career at Family business 1982. He entered the food industry in 1985 with Perdigao Foods, where work at many different roles since production, engineering, finances, IT, logistics, distribution and business development. Throughout his career, Zuffo has lead development some new business units, recently /current Italian Meat Business for JBS USA.