Food Automation & Manufacturing Symposium and Expo

Wayne McIntyre
CEO and Co-Founder

Wayne McIntyre is the CEO and Co-Founder of Relocalize, a pioneering tech startup at the forefront of decarbonizing food supply chains. With a deep-seated passion for environmental sustainability, Wayne is responsible for driving the company's vision of using autonomous microfactories to hyper-localize packaged food production.
Bringing over 20 years of technology experience from multiple industries, including aerospace, defence, biotechnology and data analytics, Wayne possesses expertise in new product development, corporate development, commercialization, intellectual property, and technology. Before establishing Relocalize, he held leadership roles in several firms, including CEO and Founder of Psykler, a CRM technology startup; Managing Director of Flightscape, an aerospace data analytics leader; and Vice President of Corporate Development at SPI Pharma, an oncology and nanotech company. In these roles, Wayne led successful growth transformations, built commercial teams, and executed growth and M&A strategies. He also holds several degrees, including a BSc, a Doctor of Laws, and an MBA.