April 14-16, 2025
Hilton Downtown Tampa
Tampa, FL

FA&M 2021 Conference Highlights

Food Automation and Manufacturing 2021 Recap and Highlights

Food Automation & Manufacturing Conference

The 2021 Food Automation and Manufacturing event (FA&M) proved to be successful, engaging and educational as well as fun for all participants. Though virtual, the two-day conference reached a wide, global audience and offered top-notch presenters—including two keynotes, two panels, four sessions and presentations covering our Plant of the Year and Sustainable Plant of the Year.

In this section, you will find excerpts all of these sessions except for the Plant of the Year and Sustainable Plant of the Year, which we covered in our August and October issues, respectively.

Engineering Keynote

Cleaning / Sanitation

Goya Foods

AriZona Beverages

Alternative Proteins

Unique Snacks

Women in Manufacturing

Automation & Sustainability

For the complete On Demand broadcasts, please visit https://www.foodengineeringmag.com/food-automation-conference through August 2022.