Milk Processing and Quality Management


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The Society of Dairy Technology (SDT) has joined with Wiley-Blackwell to produce a series of technical dairy-related handbooks providing an invaluable resource for all those involved in the dairy industry; from practitioners to technologists working in both traditional and modern large-scale dairy operations.

The fifth volume in the series, Milk Processing and Quality Management, provides timely and comprehensive guidance on the processing of liquid milks by bringing together contributions from leading experts around the globe. This important book covers all major aspects of hygienic milk production, storage and processing and other key topics such as:

Microbiology of raw and market milks
Quality control
International legislation
HACCP in milk processing

All those involved in the dairy industry including food scientists, food technologists, food microbiologists, food safety enforcement personnel, quality control personnel, dairy industry equipment suppliers and food ingredient companies should find much of interest in this commercially important book which will also provide libraries in dairy and food research establishments with a valuable reference for this important area.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: On-Farm Hygienic Milk Production.

Chapter 2: Properties and Constituents of Cow’s milk.

Chapter 3: Microbiology of Raw and Market Milks.

Chapter 4: Quality Control.

Chapter 5: Current Legislation of Market Milks.

Chapter 6: The Safety of Raw Liquid Milk.

Chapter 7: Heat Treatment of Milk.

Chapter 8: Novel Methods of Milk Processing.

Chapter 9: Hygiene Practices in Liquid Milk Dairies.

Chapter 10: Hazard Analysis (Appraisal) Critical Control Point (HACCP) in Milk Processing - A Practical Overview.

Chapter 11: Sensory Profiling of Market Milks.

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