The 3-piece swing-out stainless steel ball valve is designed to provide direct access to the internal seals without disturbing pipe alignment. Seal replacement is performed quickly by removing just one body bolt, loosening the other three, and swinging out the center section. This makes routine maintenance simple for applications requiring corrosion-resistant reliable shut-off. The valve body is made from CF-8M stainless steel (the cast equivalent of 316 stainless). The valve features a full-flow design for maximum efficiency, 316 stainless steel ball and a blow-out-proof stem. Available in female pipe sizes from _-in. through 2-in., the Parker 3-piece swing-out ball valve has a working pressure to 1,000 psi and a temperature to +400 F depending on the application.

Parker Hannifin Corp., 8940 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH.
Product 233