Featuring operational efficiencies for implementation in in-line continuous-formulation processes, Mouvex SLC Series eccentric disc pumps allow product ingredients to be fed, combined and mixed proportionally through a common manifold. The pumps accommodate wide changes in flow rates and viscosity, and are seal-less, requiring no magnets, mechanical seals or packing. Other features include self-priming and line-stripping capabilities; dry-run operation for up to 10 min.; low shear rate; high vacuum and compression effect; reduced number of components; and clean-in-place/sanitize-in-place capabilities. All 3 SLC models have speeds up to 1,000rpm with flow rates from 4.4gpm (1m3/h) to 13.2gpm (3m3/h), and differential pressures from 87psi (6 bar) to 232psi (16 bar).

Mouvex; www.mouvex.com