Featuring a large print area, the Norwood 53XL thermal transfer printer allows users to print serialized, variable, batch and/or fixed text and graphics to packages and labels. Capable of printing GS1 barcodes for track-and-trace and electronic pedigree serialization, the printer can achieve a print area up to 2 x 3.1 in. in size, and is available in intermittent motion for easy integration with a range of host equipment including vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal systems, primary labelers, thermoformers and overwrapping equipment. The printer can mark a variety of substrates with fixed and variable text. Text and graphics, including expiration dates, product identification information, lot-batch numbers, company logos and an array of linear and composite barcodes, can be printed both horizontally and vertically. It offers 300 dpi (12 dots per mm) resolution, printer-resident barcodes, cassette ribbon loading, a thermal print head and a spent ribbon quick release.

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