Clarion food machinery A/W oil 32, food machinery A/W oil 68 and gear oil 220 provide rust and corrosion protection and hydrolytic stability; they are registered NSF H1 for incidental contact with food for human consumption. Clarion food-grade 200 and 350 white mineral oils are refined by ultra-high pressure hydrotreatment and stabilized with a Vitamin E oxidation inhibitor; they meet FDA regulation 21 CFR 172.878 for contact with food for human consumption. Clarion multipurpose food machinery grease No. 2 and water-insoluble food machinery HT EP grease No. 2 can be used in environmentally sensitive areas, potable water system maintenance and food processing facilities; they are NSF H1 registered and can be used as an anti-rust film on equipment and machine parts in which there is exposure to potable water.
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