Easy-to-open and resealable packages, as well as flexible packaging designs that use less material and energy to produce, featured prominently among winners of the 57th annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition, held earlier this year by the Flexible Packaging Association.

Twenty-nine flexible packaging companies supplied 78 entries in the competition, with 25 of the packages receiving 29 awards based on the design and ability to integrate consumer trends and needs with technical advancements in material, graphics, structure and sustainability. Food-related packaging applications comprised the lion’s share of winning entries. Flexible packages for medical products, laundry detergent, baby products and motor oil also took awards.

The YES Pack

 The YES pack, which takes less energy and material to produce versus a rigid jug. It won the highest achievement award and took silver and gold for environmental and sustainability and packaging excellence. Source: Exopack LLC.

The YES pack from Kraft Foods, produced by Exopack LLC, was given the highest achievement award from judges; it also received a gold award for packaging excellence and a silver award for environmental and sustainability achievement. The package, which in this submission is designed to hold salad dressing, was manufactured using approximately 50 percent less energy and 60 percent less plastic material compared to a rigid gallon jug. The package incorporates a two-handle design and features a smaller spout, making it easier to carry and pour. It is named the YES pack for its improvement in Yield, Ease of use and Sustainability.

Easy Peel Lidding package

Multilayer co-extrusion delivered reduced leaker rates and improved the integrity of the Easy Peel Lidding package from Berry Plastics, which is why the package, designed for High Pressure Pasteurization, won a silver award for technical innovation. Source: Berry Plastics

Campbell’s Skillet Sauces package, manufactured by Ampac, took a silver award in packaging excellence for its innovation as a new format stand-up pouch designed for a food category traditionally dominated by glass jars and aluminum cans. The package includes a layer of linear tear film and features a clear bottom gusset that allows users to view the product.

Walkers Mini Shortbread now comes in a package manufactured by Printpack that is the first to use the Re-Seal It reclosable technology on a vertical form-fill-seal package. The package took a silver award in packaging excellence because consumers can open and reclose the tamper-evident package, which extends the lifespan of the product as well as its brand identity in the pantry. Premium print quality also helped to enhance the display properties of the package.

A silver award for technical innovation was given to Rollprint Packaging Products for its Chameleon color-changing sealant, engineered to allow a film of one color to transfer a peel indicator of a different color to provide visual indication the package has been opened. This transparent color application also allows the product to be viewed while still in the package.

The Easy Peel Lidding package for high-pressure pasteurization received a silver award for technical innovation. The flexible package is manufactured by Berry Plastics using its multilayer co-extrusion technology, and is said to bring a significant improvement to what the judges deem a challenging application. Benefits of the package include reduced leaker rates and assurance of package integrity throughout distribution and retail.


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