ARC announces 2014 Industry Forum agenda

ARC Advisory Group announced the agenda for its 18th Annual ARC Industry Forum, to be held February 10-13, 2014 in Orlando, FL.  The event will focus on the emerging information-driven enterprise.

“New information technologies, such as wireless, Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, analytics, cloud computing, mobility, social technologies and 3-D visualization have been getting a lot of attention in the industrial community as each has the potential to disrupt and radically change the way companies do business,” says ARC President Andy Chatha. “Still, most industrial enterprises tend to be conservative and slow to embrace new information technologies."

However, Chatha believes this conservative strategy can actually be risky, as it leaves companies vulnerable to being left behind by competitors and the entire supply chain in an increasingly dynamic business environment.

The forum can help industrial enterprises decide what strategies will best position them to take advantage of new technologies while prioritizing investments wisely.

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