At the ProSweets 2016 show in Cologne, Germany, CROWN Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc., displayed its range of innovations in metal packaging. For instance, the company now offers LED lighting on packaging, enabling seasonal, limited edition and premium biscuits and confectionery products to stand out on store shelves. And, its new GiftTag technology uses a QR code to embed a video message onto packaging that customers can access via a mobile device.

Crown also showcased a number of metal packaging solutions specifically for confectionery products, such as the Seated End range that now includes both rectangular and round tins. The technology makes the curled seam at the base of a decorative tin invisible when the container is placed on a flat surface. Crown has also focused on adding more shaping, printing and finishing capabilities to support brands wanting to set their premium products apart in the crowded biscuit and confectionery market.

“All brands are unique, so to convey their individual identities, they need original, one-of-a-kind packaging that grabs shoppers’ attention and conveys the quality of the product within,” says Veronique Curulla, European marketing director for CROWN Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe.

Crown’s metal packaging solutions are becoming increasingly lightweight while complying with all relevant food safety standards and legislation. Because metal packaging can protect the product within from both air and sunlight, it preserves taste and freshness considerably longer than alternative materials. Crown’s packaging also is 100 percent recyclable, and as metal recycles with no degradation, it can be used to produce new packaging over and over, making it a sustainable, cost-effective format.

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