Handmade at England’s oldest working distillery, Plymouth has been created to the same recipe since 1793, providing a balanced taste that never goes out of style. Working on the new design for parent company Pernod Ricard, B&B studio brought contemporary freshness and craft to the existing design without compromising recognition and credibility or resorting to flat modern graphics. Instead, the ship was redrawn in a deep blue, accentuating the brand’s nautical color palette and letting white space bring a premium feel. The existing copper color is brighter, used with greater restraint for a stronger effect, while brand storytelling is now relevant to the modern-day consumer. 

The new design eliminates all single-use plastic: paper labels and recyclable PET closures have been introduced, and the brand’s monk icon is now embossed onto the back of the bottle rather than printed on a plastic wrap. The bottle has been light-weighted, maintaining its iconic sea-green color and sea-worn shape while saving 60 tonnes of carbon a year (based on sales of 600,000 bottles). B&B also integrated the label into the overall design to achieve a more sophisticated result.