Irradiation is surging to generate the wave of future food safety. Results from a Sterigenics poll conducted at this year’s IFT convention in Chicago indicate only 13 percent of 301 polled attendees could detect a difference between irradiated and non-irradiated samples. Eighty-nine percent reported they would purchase irradiated product when available. Kielbasa sausage, marinated chicken breasts and papaya were used as samples. While most participants work in the food industry or have an interest in food science, making the poll non-representative of the general public, the results suggest another vote of confidence to the technology. For more information log on to:

Add Tyson Foods to the lengthening list of companies signed on with Titan Corp. and its SureBeam, electronic pasteurization facility nearing completion in Sioux City, IA. Tyson plans to use the system on selected items to further enhance freshness, reduce pathogens and extend the shelf life of refrigerated poultry products. Tyson joins ground beef manufacturers IBP, Cargill, Emmpak Foods and others signing agreements with Titan to use the new facility. For more information log on to: