The VacuShear® liqui-processor system from Admix, Inc. can blend milk powders in a subsurface tank, providing dispersion for rapid wetting and deaerate while blending. The powder addition rate can be controlled through system design and operational control. Complete system operation ranges from manual controls through skid-mounted turnkey systems up to full automation with plant PLC integration. The VacuShear sanitary vacuum liqui-processor reduces aeration, foaming and dusting during ingredient mixing; provides a dust-free environment; and is designed for full process automation when integrated with flowmeters and gain-in weight controls on load cells. Applications include starches, NFDM, CMC, gelatin, pectin, Methocel™, xanthan and other gums.Admix, Inc.; Tel. (603) 627-2340/(800) 466-2369; Fax: (603) 627-2019; E-mail:;