Deville's FS40 cheese shredder/grater/ crumbler and the CMD-3D dicer/strip cutter each have a capacity of up to 14,000 lbs./hr., and are available with 20 hp motors with variable speed. The FS40 features reusable cutting discs that produce cuts in a variety of uniform shapes, sizes and thicknesses from 5⁄64 to 1⁄2 in. including oval, V and crescent shreds, as well as square cuts. It is capable of flaking, grating and crumbling. The CMD-3D's product drum is capable of handling big blocks of cheese, meat or vegetables in all shapes up to 10 x 9 x 6 in. in size. It can dice, strip or julienne product that is cooked, tempered, chilled or frozen.

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