PACK EXPO and IEFP hit the Vegas Strip

Wayne Newton, Siegfried & Roy, 1001 showgirls and countless Elvis impersonators will all have to inhale sharply to make room for the thousands of exhibitors, packaging and food professionals and speakers expected to flock to PACK EXPO Las Vegas and the concurrent International Exposition for Food Processors (IEFP) on Sept. 10-12.

The city's New York skyline, Eiffel Tower and Venetian waterways may only be imitations, but Pack Expo and IEFP promise to bring the real thing to food professionals looking for innovative solutions amid the Las Vegas kitsch. IEFP will focus on the latest processing technologies in virtually all segments of food, including fruits and vegetables, beverage, meat, bakery/snack, dairy and beverage. The Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), producer and sponsor of PACK EXPO, says its event will highlight the latest developments in packaging and converting machinery, materials, packages and containers, controls, software, components and robotics and design systems. Exhibitors represent the entire spectrum of industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, material handling, converting and nutraceuticals.

Together, the two events will blanket more than 400,000 square feet of space at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. At press time, more than 700 exhibitors were registered with PACK EXPO and more than 300 with IEFP. Exhibit hours for both shows are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily.

To complement the two exhibits, Packaging Strategies, Inc. and PMMI will present Packaging Solutions Conference 2001 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center on Sept. 10-12

The three-day conference will focus on a wide range of packaging-related topics, including:

Make Sense of E-Manufacturing: A Roadmap for Manufacturers, presented by Keith Nobusch, President, Control Systems, Rockwell Automation.

Taking Production to the Max: Using Line Audits to achieve Optimum Thru-put, presented by Mark Garvey, president, Garvey Group.

Defining Functional Packaging Line Requirements to Match Technology and Business Needs, presented by Pat Helm, Senior Manager, Lockwood Greene Engineering.

Sessions will also address hot-fill PET beverage applications; ergonomics; X-ray technology for packaging line/production efficiencies; cans versus flexible pouches for retort applications; innovations in product coding; and innovative packaging design.

The following pages list exhibitors and booth numbers for IEFP. A list of Pack Expo exhibitors can be accessed at Complete program details for Packaging Solutions Conference 2001 can also be accessed at the site.

IEFP Exhibitor Listings

AAF International 152
ABCO Industries 826
Accurate Metering Systems, Inc. 570
AceCo Precision Industrial Knives 573
Admix, Inc. 118
Advanced Food Processing Equipment Inc. 448
Advanced FoodSystems 241
Aeroglide Corp 854
Alabama Power Co 859
Allen Systems, a business of FMC FoodTech 747A
ALLPAX Products 935B
American Association of Candy Technologists 870
American Lewa, Inc. 6606
Amiad Filtration Systems 438
ANDEROLR Specialty Lubricants & ANDEROL Conoco 738
Arizona Instrument Corp 6609
Arjobex / Polyart 431
Artisan Industries Inc. 369
Atlas Pacific Engineering Co 924A
Automatic Filters Inc 6402
B.A.G. Corp. 5909
B.N.W. Industries 836
Bermingham Controls Inc. 6608
BEST USA, Inc. 375
Bijur Lubricating Corp 426
Blentech Corp 552
Boston Gear 936A
Boston ShearPump (Copek Industrial Products) 345
Breddo Likwifier, Division of American Ingredients 843
Brown International Corp 841
Bryant Products, Inc 324
Bunting Magnetics Co. 545
Burke Industrial Coatings 329
California League of Food Processors 164
California Saw & Knife Works 835
Carter & Burgess 373
CCM 924C
CEM Corp 6701
CESCO Magnetics/Q-Controls 6706
Charles Ross & Son Co 6506
ChemTreat, Inc. 651
Chester-Jensen Co., Inc. 370
Chevron Products Co 664
Cipriani Corp 949
Clayton Industries, Inc. 327
Cloudy & Britton, Inc. 860
Colfax Power Transmission Group 936
Commercial Manufacturing 731
Composite Technologies Corp 6509
Cookson Plastic Molding 238
Corenco, Inc. 231
Cozzini, Inc. 920
Day & Zimmermann International Inc. 572
The Dennis Group 321
Digital Dynamics, Inc. 145
Diversified Brands, A Sherwin-Williams Business Unit 356
domnick hunter Inc. 360
Douglas Machines Corp. 850
Dow Corning Corp 634
Drying Technology, Inc. 463
DuPont 421
Dur-A- Flex Inc., Inc. 451
Eastern Design & Develop-ment Corp. (EDDCO) 575
Easy-Care Environs, Inc. 459
Entergy's Teamwork Louisiana 161
Environmental Structures, Inc. 439
The Facility Group 857
Fantapak International 6702
Fibertech, Inc. 774
The Fitzpatrick Co 347
Flow International Corp 352
Fluid Transfer 6707A
FMC Food Tech 747
Food Engineering Network/ Business News Publishing 824
Food Instrument Corp 954
Food Manufacturing Magazine 762
Food Processing Equipment Co 254
Food Processing Magazine 941
Food Technology Corp/TMI USA 5903
FOODesign Machinery & Systems, Inc. 621
FranRica (a business of FMC FoodTech) 743
Futura Inc. 5904
FYH Bearing Units USA Inc. 357
Gage Industries, Inc. 957
General Magnaplate Corp. 838
Girton Manufacturing Co., Inc. 247
Gleeson Constructors, Inc. 869
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 226
Grafoplast Wiremarkers, Inc. 563
Grating Pacific Inc./Ross Technology Corp. 462
Grey House Publishing 146
Hamilton Kettles 6504
Hansen-Rice, Inc. 6404
The Haskell Co 975
Hayward Gordon Ltd. 349
Heuft USA Inc. 756
The High Ground of Texas 337
Holophane 557
Huber Technology, Inc. 973
The Hughes Co, Inc. 931
Hyatt TSC Reducers Inc. 162
HydroCal, Inc. 6403
IDC Food Division 837
IKA Works, Inc. 457
Industrial Screw Conveyors, Inc. 121
Intech Enterprises Inc. 562
International Knife & Saw Inc. 423
Ionics, Incorporated 6106
J. A. Emilius' Sons, Inc. 229
J. L. Industrial Co., Ltd. 820
A.D. Joslin Manufacturing Co 933
Key Technology, Inc. 918
Kluber Lubrication North America L.P. 947
Komax Systems Inc. 150
Komline-Sanderson 950
Kusel Equipment Co. 331
Lee Industries, Inc. 6707
Lewis & Clark Valley 359
Lincoln 245
LMC International 624
Location Georgia 856
LUBRIPLATE Lubricants 6704
Lubriquip, Inc., A Unit of Idex 443
Ludeca, Inc. 467
Luthi Machinery Co 924B
Lyco Manufacturing, Inc. 754
Machine Brokers, Inc. 6010
Magnuson Corp 924
Malo, Inc. 829
Maselli Measurements, Inc. 541
MATCON USA, Inc. 636
Materials Transportation Co 524
McClier 720
Mennekes Electrical Products 526
Meyer + Garroutte Systems 527
Micro-Blend, Inc. 658
Midwestern Industries, Inc. 338
Miura Boiler West, Inc. 539
Nanashimaya Engineering & Design Co 5801
The National Drying Machinery Co 543
Nederman, Inc. 227
Netzsch Incorporated 249
New Castle Industries 235
New York State Electric & Gas Corp. 6204
Nichimo Co., Ltd. 221
Nilfisk-Advance America, Inc. 6709
Noren Products Inc. 129
North Carolina's Southeast 6401
Odenberg Engineering, Inc. 851
Odor Management, Inc. 239
G.J. Olney, Inc. 943
Omnimark Instrument Corp 151
Optima International, Inc. 474
Pack Line Corp. 631
Pall Corp 424
Patlite (USA) Corp 6408
Peco Controls Corp 724
Perma USA 540
Petro-Canada Lubricants 460
PHI Enterprises, Inc. 5809
PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. 561
Pick Heaters, Inc. 531
Plastipak Packaging 760
Polymerica, Inc. 134
Probiotic Solutions 970
Rabin Worldwide 228
Reading Technologies, Inc. 549
Remcon Plastics, Inc. 767
Retorts PLUS 935A
RGF Environmental Group 822
Rigidized Metals Corp 867
Rimex Metals (USA) Inc. 340
Risco USA Corp 656
RL Instruments 5906
Robert Reiser & Co., Inc. 966
Rockwell Automation - Dodge/Reliance 740
Ross Industries, Inc. - Processing Divsion 965
Rossi & Catelli S.p.A. 618
Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc. 267
Russell Finex 538
Safeline Metal Detection 734
Sani-Matic Systems 874
Sanitech Corp 939
Satake USA Inc. 831
Scott Equipment Co 547
seepex, Inc. 847
Sefar America Inc 233
Selby/Ucrete Industrial Flooring 845
SEM - Systems Engineering & Mfg. 339
Shambaugh & Son, L.P. 533
Sidney Manufacturing Co 172
Silverson Machines 567
Sims Manufacturing 764
Solbern 518
Spray Dynamics, Ltd. 447
St. Onge, Ruff and Associates, Inc. 559
Stagnito Communications 130
Stahlman Engineering Co 550
The Stellar Group 6604
Stephan Machinery Corp 6602
Sterling Electric, Inc. 445
STOCK America, Inc. 935
StonCor Group 323
Stork Food & Dairy Systems, Inc. 465
Strahman Valves, Inc. 6208
Strongwell 751
Super Seal Mfg. Ltd. 165
Sure Beam Corp 6109
Swisslog 341
Systemate Numafa, North America, Div. Of Dapec, Inc. 343
Tecogen, Inc. 470
Tennant Co 169
Texture Technologies Corp. 5808
THERM-L-TEC Systems Inc. 521
Tiger-Vac Inc. (USA) 968
Tnemec Co., Inc. 441
Todd Construction Services 971
Triple "S" Manufacturing Co, Inc. 433
Tri-Star Plastics Corp. 6406
Ultra Filter International Inc 969
Urschel Laboratories, Inc. 728
Vac-Tron Equipment 674
Vanmark Corp 318
Vaughan Co, Inc. 565
Versa-Matic Pump Co. 367
Victaulic Co 434
Vincent Corp 149
Vorti-Siv Division of MM Industries, Inc. 834
VR Food Equipment, Inc. 554
Warner Electric 936B
Water Environment Federation 148
Waukesha Cherry-Burrell 718
WEBBER/SMITH Associates, Inc. 938
Westfalia Separator Inc. 363
Wire Belt Co of America 922
Wolf Special Machines GmbH 365
Wolverine Proctor & Schwartz, Inc. 335
TB Wood's Incorporated 758
Woodside Electronics Corp 931A
WRH Industries, Ltd. 967
York Saw & Knife Co Inc. 535
Zambelli Packaging Machinery 638