If necessity is the mother of invention, get a load of these new food and beverage ideas registered with a Pittsburgh-based inventor service company. All of these technologies are currently available for licensing or sale:
  • hot dog that features a modified shape to fit neatly into a standard hot dog bun and also make barbecuing easier;

  • patented frozen beef process that sears a piece of meat on all sides at a high temperature, but leaves the inside raw. Consumers then microwave the piece of meat for 13 minutes;

  • waterproof device that protects a pack of gum and prevents pieces from becoming dirty, wet or stale;

  • modified paper or styrofoam cup that prevents consumers from being burned when drinking an extremely hot beverage. It could help consumers assess when a beverage is safe to drink; and

  • packaging featuring pre-measured units of alcohol that would insure the proper amount of alcohol is used when making mixed drinks.