Heavy industrial bagged products are oriented gently, positively, and almost 30 percent faster than previously possible by this new high speed pop-up repositioner for the company's bag palletizers. This device turns bags 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees, depending on the desired pattern, allowing manufacturers to position the product so that the bottom (butt) of the bag or the printed panel will face out when palletized. The turner is operated by the Intelligent Control system of the palletizer, programmed for each pallet configuration. When bag orientation is required, the bag is conveyed into position above the turner, and the turner moves vertically to lift the bag from below, supporting the entire weight of the bag as it is positioned. This efficient action maintains the bag's shape for efficient palletizing. If product orientation is not required, the repositioner retracts below the roller conveyor, and bags are smoothly transported above the turner for palletizing.

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