Clextral's complete extrusion processing lines help manufacturers scale up to full production in less time with ancillary equipment supplied by Clextral's partners to provide the optimum processing solution for each application. Turnkey systems have been supplied in the U.S. and Europe for breakfast cereal, snacks, snack pellets and protein vibration (to create meat analogs from animal protein and soy). In the snack arena, Clextral's pellet processing line is an attractive idea for manufacturers seeking to tempt consumers who want freshness and variety in snack foods. Clextral pellet lines make snack pellets that are "cooked" at the retail outlet through frying, hot air puffing or high-density microwave expansion. Clextral Inc, 14450 Carlson Circle, Tampa, FL 33626. Tel. (813) 854-4434; fax (813) 855-2269.
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