Quadro's YTRON Jet Mixer shorten process times, improves finished quality, elimi nates stratification in tanks, and assures homogeneity in the shortest period of time without over shearing products. The Jet Mixers are available with an optional bypass system for the instant sub-surface dispersion of powders into liquid. The sanitary (CIP) designed mixers have no bushings, bearings or seals that some in contact with the product, decreasing repair frequencies and eliminating product contamination concerns. Batches up to 10,000 US gals with final product viscosities up to 20,000 centipoises are mixed rapidly, up to 80 percent faster than conventional agitators. The Jet Mixer uses a specially designed rotor/stator to deliver a pure axial flow, preventing vortexing, unwanted air, and generating the efficient mixing that revolutionizes mixing. Quadro Inc., 55 Bleeker St., Millburn, NJ 07041-1414. Tel. (973) 376-1266; fax (973) 376-3363; www.quadro.com
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