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Hyde Park Electronics Inc.’s new SUPERPROX Model SM300 Series extended-range ultrasonic proximity sensor combines a miniature 12mm housing and reliable detection of all materials at distances 6.35 (0.25 inches) to as far as 50.8mm (2.00 inches) from the sensor face. This is 6 times further than many 30mm diameter prox sensors, according to the manufacturer.

The ultrasonic prox sensor requires no adjustments to compensate for the different materials being detected or for changing colors, light conditions or distance to the object. The SM300 is designed to solve applications such as container detection of multi-colored beverage containers, metal material detection of conveyor clutch plates and web break detection of clear plastic material. Hyde Park Electronics Inc.; Tel. (937) 252-2121; Fax (937) 258-5830; E-mail:; Product 316