Horizontal steam boiler boosts steam output for two new cooking lines.

Hitchen Foods installed a new horizontal steam boiler and ancillary equipment to meet the demand of two new cooking lines and provide steam for direct and indirect use on cooking and heating processes. Source: Fulton Boiler Works.
Hitchen Foods processes more than 190 million potatoes, 30 million tomatoes and 1.5 million peppers each year in its Wigan, England facility.

The recent purchase and installation of two additional cooking lines -one for pasta and one for sauces-substantially increased the requirement for steam beyond the output of the facility's pre-existing Fulton boilers. To cope with the increased demand and provide steam for direct and indirect use on a variety of cooking and heating processes, Hitchen Foods installed a new Fulton RBC2500 horizontal steam boiler complete with all ancillary equipment.

Fulton's nine-model RBC range of horizontal, wet-back, fire-tube boilers with capacities from 957 to 4,787 kg/h and operating efficiencies in excess of 90% were developed in response to customer demand for higher capacities than the practical maximum of 960 kg/h for the company's vertical range.

"We specified the new Fulton boiler based on our positive experience with the three we already had," says Geoff Liptrott, Hitchen's engineering manager. "Everything from specification to the delivery, installation and commissioning went according to plan. The boiler is performing extremely well."

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