Labeling could make shell eggs safer

FDA is proposing amended food labeling regulations to permit the egg industry to place the safe handling statement for shell eggs on the inside lid of egg cartons if the statement "keep refrigerated" appears on the top or side panel. This proposed rule applies to shell eggs that have not been treated to destroy Salmonella bacteria. Officials say the change would allow consumers to see the safe handling statement every time they open the egg carton. This proposed rule amends the federal regulation first published in December 2000 which also requires retail establishments to refrigerate shell eggs promptly and store them at 45

Dairy states push for Quality Cheese Act

Three dairy state Democrats in the Senate have introduced legislation that would prohibit products that contain dry ultra-filtered milk products, milk protein concentrate or casein from being labeled as domestic natural cheese. The bill, S. 827, is co-sponsored by Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY). Feingold introduced similar legislation in every session, only to have it die in committee. This year he has enlisted the support of two Senate heavyweights in hopes of advancing the issue. The "Quality Cheese Act" was referred to the Senate Agriculture Committee where it awaits action.