The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) announced its 1999 AmeriStar award winners at the 1999 AmeriStar Package Awards during WestPack.

Award winners in the food category included a polyester-coated convolute paperboard canister developed by Paper Machinery Corporation for the McVitie’s cookie line from United Biscuit. The new nine-inch tall container that replaces the previous film overwrap gives the package oxygen and moisture barrier properties and provides easier opening, closing and product removal. The Rhino Muscle Pack bag-in-box container from Custom Packaging Systems was also a winner in the food category. The Muscle Pack addresses cost, storage, shipping, handling and environmental concerns through the innovative use of proprietary film technology.

Beverage category winners included Welch’s all-plastic frozen concentrate container from Graham Packaging Co. The container serves as a convenient replacement for traditional packages in the frozen juice concentrate segment. The container is easy to open and microwavable. Gallo’s Wild Vines wine bottle was also a winner thanks to Avery Dennison’s Clear Advantage labeling process features a unique frosted bottle look.

Graham Packaging came up a winner a second time in the beverage category with its Tropicana Twister plastic bottle. The bottle won due to its distinctive shape, broad label panel and unique design that enhances shelf appeal and product quality. Graham Packaging’s third winner was Snapple Sun Tea and Hydro Thirst Quencher bottle. The bottle was chosen for its vacuum panels which added utility and style, as well as the significant visual impact provided by the label.