Odwalla, a producer of all-natural, nutritionally fortified juices and smoothies, introduced new packaging to extend juice life and also extend its distribution reach. Made from recyclable, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic, the custom-designed 450 ml and 325 ml bottles from Graham Packaging Co. enable Odwalla’s refrigerated juices to better retain its fresh fruit flavors. The new bottles extend juice life by an average of 40 percent and feature a tamper-resistant, screw-on cap, allowing on-the-go consumers to reseal the bottle.

The extended shelf life allows the Dinuba, CA-based juice producer to go beyond its local distribution reach.

The obelisk-shaped bottle also features a four-sided wrap label with product information. Odwalla’s in-house artists custom create each of the juice line’s 64 labels. Odwalla is providing the new package to consumers at the same price, but in slightly smaller sizes to help offset the new bottle’s material costs which are 50 percent greater.