DuraLite belting from Cambridge is suitable for spiral cage applications. According to the company, one style of belt works for all cage systems, with turn ratios ranging from 1.0 to 2.8. The heavy-duty, wear-resistant stainless steel belt design features a 3-in. by 11⁄3-in. interior opening that has a high strength-to-belt weight ratio. The belting is also 35% stronger than conventional 1-in. by 1-in. cage belts, while being 40% lower in weight, says the company. The open-interior, metal-mesh design is intended to increase the efficiency of cooling and freezing processes, while enhancing air circulation and drainage. With more than two times the open area of a modular plastic belt, it is easy to clean.

Cambridge International; 877-898-1095;duralite@cambridge-inc.com