Portola Packaging’s Zork wine closure, developed by ZORK Pty Ltd in Australia, is an alternative to traditional cork closures and is said to offer outstanding oxygen barrier and  includes an integral tamper-evident tear band. The Zork closure is easy to open and reseal, and its graphic design helps brands stand out on retail shelves. It is available in a variety of colors and can be printed or de-bossed to add further brand identity. The polyethylene cap on the closure provides a tamper-evident clamp that locks the closure onto the band of a cork mouth bottle. Aluminum foil is welded between the inside of the cap to provide an oxygen barrier equivalent to a screw cap. A polyethylene plunger is also clipped into the inside of the cap and welded to the foil.  The plunger creates a pop sound upon extraction and reseals the bottle after use.  

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