As consumers warm up to the idea of wine sold in single-serve paperboard-based cartons, the packages are appearing on more store shelves. Oakville, CA-based winery Three Thieves is the latest to package its premium wine in “wine cubes” which are easy to open and consume. The company’s Bandit brand is now available in a four-pack of single-serve 250-ml Tetra Prisma aseptic packages from Tetra Pak, Vernon Hills, IL.

The Tetra Prisma container is composed of paper, aluminum foil and polyethylene, which together ensure freshness and great taste, says Tetra Pak. According to the company, the four-pack of 250-ml cartons equals 1 liter of wine, 33 percent more wine than is offered in a standard wine bottle.

The Tetra Prisma single-serve package also features an easy-open pull-tab, making it easy for consumers to open and drink directly from the carton or pour into a wine glass. In addition, unlike glass bottles, the portable, shatterproof container requires no corkscrew.

According to Three Thieves co-founder Charles Bieler, the Tetra Prisma package gives his product an edge in the competitive alcoholic beverage market by providing more ways for consumers to enjoy its wine. “The wine industry is constantly chasing new users and new opportunities for wine to be consumed,” says Bieler. "This package makes it convenient for people to consume great wine just about anywhere, making it even more competitive with beer and other alcoholic beverages."

The Three Thieves Bandit brand Cabernet and Pinot Grigio are currently available in 250-ml, four-pack Tetra Prisma packages for less than $10 per four-pack in select locations throughout the US.

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