Two companies have new skin packaging with paper-based board instead of plastic trays.

Graphic Packaging International developed its line of PaperSeal trays with G. Mondini, a tray sealing technology leader. The design delivers significant line efficiencies and can be stacked flat for shipping and storage.

The barrier-lined trays use 80% to 90% paperboard with fibers from sustainably managed forests. 

People can easily separate the film liner from the paperboard to recycle the paper portion.

Toppan Printing’s new packaging system uses Toppan’s proprietary GL FILM with paper-based trays that can use fiber from certified forests. 

Skin packs are becoming widely used in Europe, North America and Asia because their complete sealing helps keep food fresh, Toppan says.

High-quality printing is possible on both sides of the tray, and stores can stand up packages or hang them since they don’t drip. Because the trays are flat, Toppan notes that people can also use them as cutting boards. 

Samples are available, and full-scale sales are to begin in December.