Heinz Foods South Africa has taken a homemade classic – pot pies – which normally take time to cook in a conventional oven, into the quick heat-and-eat realm with the introduction of a new microwavable bowl from Graphic Packaging International (GPI), Marietta, GA.

Heinz Foods South Africa’s Mama’s Pies can be quickly cooked in the microwave while maintaining a crispy outside texture. Source: Graphic Packaging International.

The previous packaging Heinz Foods was using for Mama’s Pies required 30 to 35 minutes of baking time in a conventional oven, says Bob Babich, manager of market development for GPI.  The new paper-based susceptor bowl can be used in the microwave and is said to reduce preparation time by 85 percent.

The bowl is made with GPI’s new MicroRite Qwik-Crisp material, which is composed of susceptor-coated polyester laminated to a paperboard base. According the company, a special MicroFlex Q patch, placed on the inside of the outer folding carton, browns and crisps the pot pie crust on top, while leaving the pie’s filling moist. 

According to Babich, response to the new microwavable bowl has been very favorable from both stores and consumers.  The microwavable pies are available in six flavors – chicken and mushroom, sweet chili chicken, roast chicken, steak and kidney, pepper steak and prego steak.

For more information:

Bob Babich, Graphic Packaging International, bob.babich@graphicpkg.com, 770-795-3765