The challenge: finding indicators that withstand harsh washdowns and provide legible readings.

The NEMA-6 (IP67) E1010 indicator can withstand the harshest washdowns. Source: Avery.

Swift & Company, a major processor of fresh beef and pork, is passionate about the quality of its meat. The Louisville, KY plant processes more than 1,000 pigs per hour and exceeds hygiene regulations to guarantee product safety.

To comply with USDA hygiene requirements, all equipment the meat touches must withstand thorough cleaning regimes. With the company’s previous indicators, excessive moisture occasionally caused equipment failure. With 150 of these devices in operation, continuing failures, repairs and replacements were getting expensive. Swift’s Electronics Technician Todd Kruse decided to look for more reliable indicators that could withstand the washdowns used in the plant. He also wanted to find indicators with keypad membranes that would resist scratching during cleaning operations.

When Kruse heard about the NEMA 6-approved Avery Weigh-Tronix E1010 indicator from a local distributor, American Scale, he was interested in testing it in the washdown environment. In this harsh environment, the company’s previous indicators malfunctioned, resulting in extensive maintenance costs. To perform well, the indicator would have to compete with daily jet washings up to 200 psi pressure, cleaning with soapy water up to 170