Lantech’s Q-400XT stretch wrapping system eliminates the need for a fork-truck operator to touch the load or the machine during pallet wrapping. The system automatically attaches the film to the load, wraps it, locks it to the pallet with a film cable and cuts the film. A fork-truck operator drives up, positions the pallet on the turntable, starts the machine with a lanyard switch and drives away. Designed to wrap 35-45 pallet loads/hr. up to 80 in. tall, the all-electric system eliminates pneumatics and runs on 115V power. The compact system includes a 15rpm turntable with load capacity to 5,000 lbs. Options include an electronic scale, loading ramp, extended wrap height to 110 in., 30-in. film carriage and pit mounting configuration.">; 800-866-0322;