Providing smooth, reliable conveyance of fluids, Netzsch’s NEMO beverage pumps are suitable for use in wine production, brewing, distilling and other beverage production applications. Capable of handling low- to high-viscosity media including fruit pulp and fruit stones, the pumps can achieve differential pressures up to 6 bar; flow rates can be varied using the integrated speed control in the drive. The 0.75kW portable version achieves flow rates up to 5,000 liters/hour. Three trolley-mounted mobile versions (2.2, 3.0 and 5.5kW) achieve rates from 1,500 to 32,000 liters/hour. A choice of 3 different rotor geometries is available. The pumps include a food-quality stator approved to FDA and BVGG standards, with contact parts manufactured completely from CrNiMo steel.

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