Hand-knotted egg rolls are more typical of a corner bakery than a commercial operation. A Cleveland manufacturer wanted to make sure supermarket shoppers weren’t missing this twist on conventional bread-aisle fare, and a clear polybag was the way it did it.

Orlando Baking Co., which pioneered ciabatta bread production in the US, reverted to a 30-year-old egg-roll recipe last year, scrapping replacements for whole eggs and other ingredients to upgrade the quality. In December, bags with “a more upscale design, new recipes and a rich burgundy color to highlight the golden rolls” debuted, producing an immediate sales boost, says Michelle Monaco, marketing director. The preservative-free rolls have a six-day shelf life, she adds.

In 1998, Orlando commissioned an automated production line for ciabatta (“slipper” in Italian), a high water-content dough that is difficult to machine. No plans are in place to automate hand-twisted egg rolls, according to Monaco.