New graphics and a tamper-evident bag that helps extend shelf life are being incorporated in baked goods from Kangaroo Brands, including new products such as the controlled-portion Itsy-Bitsy pockets and Fiber-5 sandwich pockets. Source: Kangaroo Brands Inc.

It ain’t easy being natural, at least when it comes to delivering baked goods without preservatives. Milwaukee-based Kangaroo Brands is addressing the issue by converting new and existing products to sealed bags that help double shelf life and provide tamper evidence.

The bakery, which produces flatbreads and pita pockets, previously used a quick-lock seal to close polybags and provide seven days’ shelf life. The new system, which required installation of a sealer in the packaging area, extends shelf life to 14 days, with the assistance of a natural enzyme added to the dough. A resealable zip-lock inside the bag helps keep the products fresh after retail sale.

“The new packaging and extended shelf life equate to less waste for deli managers and consumers alike,” according to owner George Kashou. Graphics include the new tagline, “We bake really good stuff.”

Kangaroo worked with local agency MMT to develop the new packaging and logo.