Designed for food and beverage applications, the ITW Muller tail tucker eliminates loose film tails on stretch-wrapped pallets. The unit’s arms extend down prior to the last 3 wraps of the cycle and are wrapped along with the load by 2 full webs of film. During the last one-half revolution in the cycle, the 20-in. web of film is formed into a rope, which is captured by the tail tucker arms, cut and held in one arm to begin the next cycle. The remaining cut end of the film is held by the other arm. As the ring frame moves to the top of the machine, it pulls the rope behind the last 2 full webs of film and is released after it reaches the top of the load. The tail tucker is available as an enhancement to the ITW Muller Octopus line of stretch-wrap equipment or as a retrofit to most existing machines. 

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