Italian processor uses measurement and analysis to fine-tune production performance.

Teams from Lavazza and Bosch Packaging Technology review data from the OEE system, discovering new ways to improve efficiency on the packaging system. Source: Bosch Packaging Technology.

With a 48 percent share of its home market, Lavazza is Italy’s major coffee producer. Even with business across the globe, Lavazza refuses to rest on its reputation, always seeking new ways to evolve manufacturing processes and productivity.

To increase productivity on its coffee packaging lines, Lavazza embarked on a project with Bosch Packaging Technology, which provides daily service and support to Lavazza including preventive maintenance activities, modernization and overhaul ideas and maintenance team training. Lavazza also retains an on-site engineer and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) consultant from Bosch.

The project has yielded improvements from the outset with enhanced process efficiency. To amplify this success, Lavazza recently sought to optimize production even further. Specifically, detailed measurement and production analysis were required to understand the true extent of line improvements, and hence guide future strategy.

The need for real-time monitoring of line performance became evident, and after detailed consultation, OEE is now used as the key performance indicator (KPI). To retrieve and display all machine and production data from the packaging line, a measurement instrument was required. Bosch handled the selection of an appropriate system based on Lavazza’s key needs: real-time information collection capability, compatibility, an intuitive and accessible interface and easy implementation. After much consultation, Machine Relationship Management (MRM) was selected as an independent partner to provide the technology for OEE measuring.

Lavazza’s OEE measurement system provides a complete picture of line performance, including product quality (comparing good units vs. total units produced), machine speed (actual speed vs. nominal speed) and time losses (actual machine running time vs. total production time).

“General overviews give management the opportunity to evaluate general performance losses,” says Fulvio Godio, Lavazza manufacturing director. “Quality, performance and time productivity are measured separately, so areas for improvement can be easily identified and actioned.”

The customized OEE measuring system records data from both Bosch and non-Bosch equipment, ensuring overall production flow is considered. A structured roadmap and statistical analysis of the data are used, allowing the cause of any problem to be detected. The supplier/processor team then uses this information to formulate customized solutions to refine manufacturing performance in terms of the key improvement goals.

This information also provides a firm basis for improvements, and allows the construction of performance-based compensation models to boost efficiency further. New processes are implemented to ensure unplanned downtime is eliminated and higher output is achieved, and the supplier’s engineers and OEE specialists conduct training for Lavazza’s operators and mechanics to ensure a smooth transition process.

Lavazza uses the system as a strategic tool to provide a link between improvements ideation, implementation and validation. Real-time reports and Web-based, live-view pages containing statistics, graphics and trends are generated.

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