Designed for industrial applications such as bottled water, USP and UPW water, food storage and processing, water recycling and grain treatment, the IN USA AC Series silent discharge ozone generator can produce more than 80g/hr. or 4.5 lbs./day of ozone with concentrations in excess of 200g/Nm3 or 14% w/w. Multiple AC Series generators can be stacked in a rack system producing over 300g/hr. or 13 lbs./day.ozone generator

A built-in forced air cooling system circulates air through the generator to cool the ozone-generating cell and the power supply. The unit runs on single-phase 110 Volts power and has a built-in power factor correction. The only maintenance required is the periodic replacement of the modular air filters. The generator is available in 25, 45 and 80g/hr. sizes.

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