PolyScience compact benchtop chillers provide up to 1,290 watts of cooling at 20°C, making them suitable for use with equipment such as rotary evaporators, small reaction vessels, spectrophotometers and condensers. The LS-Series features a working temperature range of -20°C to 40°C and 475 watts of cooling at -10°C; the LM-Series has a working temperature range of -10°C to 30°C and a 230 watt cooling capacity at -10°C; the MM-Series, with a working temperature range of -5°C to 50°C, provides 129 watts of cooling at -5°C. All 3 models are equipped with a low-flow rate alarm, user-adjustable high- and low-temperature alarms, a top-mounted fill port with built-in fluid filter, fluid level indicator and washable rigid-frame air filter.

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