Milk Packaging
A distinctive package could reinvigorate the milk category. Source: fairlife.
Per capita milk consumption in the US has been on a steady decline since the 1970s. But a unique milk product in distinctive packaging could really shake up the industry.

That’s the opportunity seized by Chicago-based dairy beverage company fairlife. First, a bit about the product: A patented filtration system gently separates the milk into fat, water, protein, lactose and minerals, and concentrates the best nutrients while eliminating the less desirable ones. The result is fairlife’s Purely Nutritious Milk, which boasts 50 percent more natural protein and calcium and half the sugars of regular milk. But new packaging was also necessary to grab consumers’ attention.

“Working with Kaleidoscope to design the bottle structure and graphics, we wanted a premium, innovative and noticeably different package to reinvigorate milk sales and shake up outdated perceptions of milk,” says Melanie Kahn, senior brand manager at fairlife.

The result was contemporary graphics without the traditional dairy imagery such as cows, pastures and barns. “The design approach was all about creating disruptive graphics on an iconic form. We wanted to evolve from the milk carton in a way that would disrupt the milk category just as the carafe did for orange juice,” Kahn says.

The shape of the multi-serve bottle was chosen for its sleek, contemporary look while taking into consideration the height between typical grocery store shelves. The ergonomic design also allows the bottle to fit comfortably in consumers’ hands when pouring due to the higher center of gravity. The final package was developed by Plastics Technologies Inc. Three PET bottle sizes are available: 11.5 oz., 32 oz. and 52 oz. The opaque PET protects the product from exposure to light. 

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