RPC Barrier Containers’ multilayer plastic pot used in Soulié Restauration’s Shake Me pasta product won the best convenience/on-the-go packaging at the World Food Innovation Awards.

Designed for easy handling and targeting the 18-25 age group, the Shake Me pot applies the shaker pack concept—where ingredients are shaken and mixed together immediately before eating. Each pack contains a sauce and pasta that are separated until they have been microwaved. Then, they are shaken together moments prior to consumption, helping preserve the pasta’s texture.

Technical teams from two RPC divisions created the seal solution between the pot and lid. RPC Bebo Plastik created the thermoformed PP/EVOH/PP 590ml multilayer pot, which has an ambient shelf life of 18 months. The injection-molded PP lid from RPC Bramlage provides a hermetic seal with the pot to prevent leakage of the sauce.

The pasta and sauce are retorted in the pot after filling and before the addition of the lid. The lid uses a bayonet system to create two closures—the first position seals the pack for retail; the second is used while reheating and has small holes to allow steam ventilation. Additionally, the design includes space for a fork, especially important for on-the-go consumption.

Created to celebrate excellence and innovation in the food industry, the World Food Innovation Awards attracted over 340 entries from 30 countries across the 16 categories.

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