The SYNEK countertop appliance refrigerates, pressurizes and dispenses beer for the home consumer. The system holds and preserves a full gallon of beer stored in a custom-engineered flexible pouch developed by Mondi’s consumer goods packaging business in North America.

“Because of the delicate nature of beer, the dispenser’s pouch is a critical draft system component,” says Markus Hoedebeck, vice president of product development for Mondi. “The pouch is designed to handle the intense pressures beer produces and to preserve the beer’s freshness for over a month.”

Steve Young, the founder of SYNEK, developed the new beer delivery system to fill the void between bottled beer and growlers (jugs used to transport draft beer). The first step was developing a portable, flexible container that could transport beer and keep it fresh for many weeks. Young met with Mondi executives, and the two companies worked together for a year to produce the packaging.

The result is a flexible pouch consisting of three layers: an FDA-approved inner layer that does not react to the ingredients in beer; a stretched aluminium middle layer that functions as an oxygen barrier and protects the pouch’s contents from UV rays; and a polymer-like exterior that adds strength and durability. In addition, Mondi and SYNEK collaborated with a third company to develop a frontal spout for the pouch.

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